11 products to make you fall in love with your workplace

1. D-Park Wooden Desktop Organiser

Designed with multiple compartments. This desk organiser is suitable for various stationery including your smart devices.


2. Kesito K1 Laptop Stand

Kesito K1 is an ultra light laptop stand made from aluminium. It elevates your laptop to your eye level. Kesito K1 is made from the same material as MacBook casing, making it ultra light and durable.


3. Bcase Tup Cordies Desktop Cable Management

Bcase Tup Cordies Desktop Cable Management is an ultra slim smart design cable management perfect for all type of phone cable, USB as well as power cords cable in one place.


4. Goat Story Goat Mug

Goat Mug is a fully leak-proof, BPA-free mug comes with a set of 2 straps that allow you to carry your coffee, but at the same time reply to a couple of e-mails and carry around your newspaper. The leather holder can also be a mug stand that keeps your Goat Mug on any countertop.


5. No Fun! Miniature Desktop Basketball Set

Start playing with this desktop miniature basketball game and relieve stress! Pass the boredom and tedium of work away by shooting free throws with this basketball set. It’s not surprising to see why this basketball set is so popular


6. Urban Prefer Folded Paper Tape Dispenser

Urban Prefer folded paper tape dispenser is a modern looking tape dispenser with an expression of simple childish playfulness. This practical and compact design tape dispenser can be operated on both sides. Available in 2 sizes and 2 colours.


7. Just Mustard Cactus Desktop Organiser

This funky looking cactus desktop organiser will help to keep your desk organise and tidy. It is hollow so that you can use it as a pen holder. In addition, the branch is magnetic for you to tidy up your paperclips.


8. Urban Prefer A Posture Energy Efficient Stapler

Award winning, highly efficient stapler with double capacity. This stapler will be your secret weapon to increase your work productivity. Keep this on hand for all your projects and presentations.


9. Just Mustard Genius Paperclip Holder

Have fun creating gravity-defying hairstyles on this desktop genius! Recreate the iconic crazy-haired image of scientific genius Albert Einstein with this fun magnetic paperclip holder. The top of the holder is magnetic so you can attach your paperclip!


10. Just Mustard Freshly Baked USB Cup Warmer

Plug and play Plastic USB cup warmer with metal heat element that keeps your drink warm at 50C. Simply connect this delicious looking USB cup warmer to a USB port and you will be enjoying your warm drinks right until you finish your task!


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by Stella

Point36 Design Store


Clean or Messy?

clean-desk-messy-deskWe know that our desk has to be a place where you can be productive and comfortable all day long. Till date, it is still debatable whether clean and organised workplace or a messy workplace is best for your. Messy or organised? there are always pros and cons

At the start, you may want tonnes of ideas during the creative process, so you gravitate towards messy areas. However, as a project progresses, you need to narrow them down and create order from the chaos. Perhaps, this is when tidy spaces come into their own.

Feel free to visit  us as we offer various stationeries and desk organisers. With the creative design of our products,these will inspire your creativity in an organised environment, perhaps =)

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